Elephant Havens Scenic Flight & Elephant Orphanage Experience

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Elephant Havens Experience

Return Helicopter Transfers & Elephant Orphanage Experience

Elephant Havens is a non-profit organization working on the ground in Botswana to protect and preserve the African elephant. The orphanage rescues and hand-rears orphaned and abandoned baby elephants, with the goal of eventually releasing them back into the wild alongside other elephants. The organisation over and above works with communities to reduce conflict between villagers and elephants. Through education Elephant Havens hopes to instill an understanding of the importance of conservation and habitat protection in future generations. Helicopter Horizons aim is to support Elephant Havens in a sustainable, non-evasive and ethical manner.

As aerial specialists in the tourism industry, our goal is to offer clients the leisure they would expect from their safari experience but to also help support the  environmental initiative to protect local species through conservation efforts. Helping remote sanctuaries and animal rehabilitation centres, by using tourism as a platform to educate travellers on the importance of putting every animal’s protection first. Our operations encompass the idea of nurturing an intimate relationship between travellers and wildlife in a way that every animal is respected. In an ideal world there would be no animals in captivity, Helicopter Horizons is delighted to be supporting a genuine conservation organisation that’s main goal is rehabilitation and the total interest of animal welfare.

A visit to Elephant Havens with Helicopter Horizons includes return helicopter transfers, a guided and informed experience by knowledgeable handlers, and a donation to the organisation. Guests are more than welcome to donate further in person.

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