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Conservation & Co-existence Cultural Experience



Minimum 2 People
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Conservation & Co-existence Cultural Experience

Return Helicopter Transfers & Life With Elephants and CLAWS

This experience is the perfect compliment for any visitors to Botswana interested in conservation and culture. The experience combines a visit to two community coexistence projects located in one of the most remote parts of the Okavango Delta.

The first stop will showcase the work of CLAWS (Communities Living Among Wildlife Sustainably). Human & Wildlife conflict is a daily concern for many people living in the remote villages of the Okavango Delta. Farmers often lose livestock to predators such as lions. A herding program was established by CLAWS and is run by the community to reduce carnivore conflict and benefit livestock owners with veterinary assistance and improved rangelands. The experience includes a talk with the head herdsman of the project and a guided tour of the bomas used for confining and protecting cattle.

On arrival at our second project, guests will be taken on a two and a half hour tour with the ‘Life With Elephants’ tour group in the traditional Hambukushu village of Eretsha. The tour group was set up by the conservation NGO, Ecoexist in an effort to increase benefits coming back to communities that coexist with Elephants. Guests are guided on a tour of the village to experience all aspects of village life, including visiting the local school and a typical farmer household. After the tour, the day to day challenges of living amongst elephants are explained by village elders, followed by traditional song and dance. This unique experience offers a rare insight into remote village life in this part of Botswana, whilst showcasing how people strive to share space and resources with elephants. Ecoexist is facilitating and supporting new elephant- themed enterprises like this one as part of its strategy to promote coexistence between people and elephants.

These remote projects are accessible by helicopter whilst showcasing some of the most picturesque scenes of the panhandle enroute. Together we pride ourselves in offering an integrated, sustainable and people driven approach to empowering communities in Northern Botswana. By booking this experience both projects are able to carry on supporting such an important issue for both villagers & wildlife in Botswana.

Includes: Return helicopter transfers; departure tax; 3 hour experience at Eretsha Village; Private Guide.

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