Helicopter Horizons will be doing everything in its power to ensure that our guests remain as safe as possible during our flights. Not only from a normal operational point of view but also in relation to the global issue of Covid-19.

Over and above our usual safety measures we will be incorporating the measures listed below:


All flights will be operated as private flights, and there will be no queueing or close contact during the process of getting guests to and from the flights.


All headsets will be removed to prevent cross contamination. If a guest specifically requests a headset, we can accommodate them, after explaining the risks.


Any doors off flights will allow for very good airflow through the cabin. Should the doors remain on for the flight, no air conditioning will be used during the duration of the flight.


Hand sanitiser will be made available to the guests for the duration of the flight, as well as pre and post flight.


Helicopters will be cleaned and sanitized after each flight, with a more thorough clean at the end of each day.

Safety Briefing

All of the above measures will be included as part of the initial safety brief provided to the guests before flight, to put their minds at ease.

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